CEO statement

In 2022, the world faced yet another challenging year. The tragic war in Ukraine generated a humanitarian crisis as well as the disruption to the economic and energy systems in Europe and beyond. At OMV Petrom, we acted in two main directions in this context. First, we diversified our supply sources, in order to make sure we fulfilled on our primary mission, that of providing energy to Romania and the region. We also made it a priority to contribute to the humanitarian relief effort, by donating more than 1 million euro to NGOs providing support to Ukrainian refugees. 


At OMV Petrom, 2022 was also the year when we started the implementation of our Strategy 2030, with the drive to lead the energy transition in South-East Europe, by capitalizing on emerging market opportunities. Looking ahead to 2023, OMV Petrom’s Strategy 2030 will continue to drive the company’s transformation, with sustainability at the forefront of our business plans. Our efforts were recognized by ratings agencies such as Sustainalytics, which included OMV Petrom in the Sustainalytics’ 2023 Top-Rated ESG Companies List. OMV Petrom received Silver supplier status from EcoVadis. We take pride in seeing that OMV Petrom’s management of sustainability is rated as strong and we hold ourselves accountable to keep working on the areas where we need to improve.


Our 2030 Strategy builds on a strong sustainability framework, with a clear commitment to running responsible operations, fostering people and communities, and leveraging innovation and digitalization. In 2022, we introduced new 2030 commitments for sustainability topics to complement our climate targets. You will find out more on our new targets as you read through our Sustainability Report.

I invite you to read our 2022 Sustainability Report, which reflects on our achievements and introduces our new commitments to sustainability. In this report, we share our story of energy and people, which serves as an example of our ability to adapt, overcome, and continue to transform OMV Petrom for a sustainable future.

Christina Verchere

Now, let me take you through the main sustainability milestones of 2022:

Transition to low carbon business

In 2022, we continued to improve our disclosure related to climate change management. The carbon intensity of our operations decreased by around 11% vs. 2019 level. Our overarching ambition is to achieve a 30% reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 and in 2023 we will continue to put our efforts into this. In addition, we reduced our methane emissions intensity by 70% vs. 2019 level, progressing towards our target of less than 0.2% by 2025.


Last year, we signed a partnership with Complexul Energetic Oltenia for the construction of four photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of ~ 450 MW, with investments of over 400 million euro.


Looking to 2023 and beyond, we remain focused on increased performance and transparency on ESG issues.

Running responsible operations

Our efforts are directed towards focusing on resource efficiency and acting with integrity and transparency towards all our stakeholders. We reaffirm our commitment to “Zero Harm – No Losses” and we observed improvements in our safety performance and for this I would like to underline my colleagues and partners commitment to safety. As always with safety, we have more work to do so that everyone can go home safe to their loved ones every day. In OMV Petrom nothing is more important.  

Foster People & Communities

Guided by our values and backed by my colleagues talents and diversity, I am confident in our ability to drive the company’s transformation. We believe in diversity and inclusion, respect for each other, and therefore for human rights. These are all powerful advantages, that aid in the creation of business value. We particularly value the role that women can play in leading our transformation process. We are proud to underline that female representation in managerial positions increased to 31%, clearly well on track for our target of 32% by 2025. 


OMV Petrom contributes significantly to the economic and social fabric of society. We invested around 40 mn euro in projects for long-term development of the communities in which we operate, for one million direct beneficiaries.

Leverage Innovation & Digitalization

We acknowledge that the far-reaching changes brought about by the energy transition cannot happen without digitalization. Therefore, we focus on developing the digital skills of our employees and leveraging the power of digitalization to simplify and automate processes within the company, which will help us improve our organization’s agility and offer a better experience for our customers.