Corporate security

Why is this important?

Our behavior, actions, and decisions are guided by the OMV Petrom Vision “ZERO harm – NO losses”. As a result, our security and resilience services align with the vision by focusing on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the security operations, developing detection and prevention of complex malicious threats, and enabling an efficient framework for crisis management and business continuity.

Our commitment

We are fully committed to protect our people, assets, operations, and reputation against malicious threats. Additionally, we are committed to continuously improving organizational preparedness to adequately respond to, and to recover from adverse events while maintaining business continuity. The commitments are laid out in the HSSE Policy.


OMV Petrom is placing a special focus on the adoption of Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in delivering security services, assessing and monitoring the related risks, identifying customized strategies and solutions, in an ongoing effort to be more effective in ensuring that our security operations do not violate human rights.

We measure

We monitor the performance of the security services contractors through the implemented KPIs and improve the quality of security services provided.


We report and analyze all security incidents occurring on OMV Petrom locations through the Geographical Information System Mapping software.


We assess security risk levels on a permanent basis to ensure efficient threat detection and ultimately to classify risks for all our operational sites triggering necessary protection measures improvements.

We act

We design and implement physical security frameworks to integrate seamlessly and proportionally all components through risk-based resources allocation such as guarding, technical security systems, procedural and organizational measures, in order to deter, detect, prevent, and respond to intentional criminal threats against people, assets, operations, and reputation.

We check

Security services are subject to an annual Audit Program that includes safety, human rights, and other requirements related to the security activity.

We train

For security personnel induction, particular attention is placed on the Human Rights policies and principles as well as acknowledging the OMV Petrom specific procedures, HSSE provisions, and improving the overall quality and efficiency of the security services offered.


Training drills are conducted periodically to prepare personnel to respond according to our Incident Response plans focusing on saving lives, property protection and minimization environmental damage.

We plan

We are keen to constantly improve our preparedness by developing site security plans and emergency response plans to set the framework for an efficient response to all incidents.

Our key actions
  • We continued the transition from traditional to digital security, so we deployed modern security technologies for all newly built or modernized operational sites and selected existing facilities to mitigate security vulnerabilities of the operational facilities.
  • We developed an optimized physical security framework for E&P onshore operations to increase efficiency and efficacy for security operations. New contractual clauses were negotiated and agreed with service providers, communication and protection equipment was selected and tested. The new security operating concept was designed to ensure increased deterrence and faster response times. All the associated risks were assessed, and mitigation measures agreed during the Management of Change process.
  • Concealed theft of petroleum product was tackled through increased cooperation with law enforcement authorities, continuous assessment of the threat environment, new channels for internal awareness were created.
  • We assessed our pandemic lessons learned and international best practice, and we included them in the Crisis Management framework as the basis for increased response capability. A business impact analysis tool was developed and rolled out in the training package to enable developing business continuity strategies based on processes criticality levels.
  • We continued to ensure legal compliance while applying the risk-based flexible resources allocation for all Company sites through provision of Security Risk Assessments for all new sites and revisions were performed for the facilities where threat environments has changed or structural changes occurred resulted from business developments, or due to expiration of the validity legal period.
  • Continuous improvement of the S&R Quality Management System is a permanent focus: thus, in preparation for 2023 recertification (Lloyds Register Quality Assurance) we ensured that the processes are followed and considered any improvement opportunities.
  • Improved employee awareness of security and resilience principles and behaviors by designing and delivering new security training: HSSE Basic for employees and HSSE for Managers.
  • As resulted from the human rights risk assessment on security services performed in 2021, we continued the training on human rights for the security personnel and revised the existing contractual provisions. All security contracts have been updated with the specific provisions of Human Rights related clause. Human rights topics were assessed during the first- and second-party audits performed by the HSSE department. We continued to engage with local and central authorities for a constant communication in all aspects related to the security of operations and assets, exchanging regularly information related to incidents, trends and threats evolutions.

In 2022 we performed training with regards to Human Rights policies and principles for the entire security workforce (100%) present on OMV Petrom sites.


In 2023 we will continue to implement the security and resilience strategy, focusing on the key factors of digitalizing the security operations integrated with redesigned guarding concept for a more efficient response and improving our preparedness through concise, fit-for-purpose actionable response plans.

Human Rights topics will continue to be included in security services providers’ annual training programs, as well as verified during S&R’s annual second party audits.