We continued our digitalization efforts in 2022 aiming to achieve a low carbon future, enhance resource efficiency, enhance HSSE capabilities and upskill our employees.


Our Digital Motion in R&M included the following digitalization activities:

Low Carbon Future

  • PBZ CDU predictive heat exchanger cleaning schedule – New digital solution implemented to predict the fouling degree of process heat exchangers. That will improve the accuracy of heat exchangers cleaning schedule, while reducing the heaters fuel gas consumption, minimizing CO2 emissions and de-bottleneck feed rate constraints. One of the objectives is to contribute to a 4 kt CO2 reduction until 2026.
  • PBZ CO2 Emissions monitoring dashboard – Digital solution to replicate the existing calculation and monitoring processes of site CO2 emissions to support the overall CO2 footprint reduction efforts, root cause analysis and faster decisional process. This is an enabler for further CO2 reduction plans.

Enhance Resource Efficiency

  • Electronic Shelf Labels – We started to test electronic labels on OMV Filling stations in Romania, aimed at products with dynamic price changes that can happen multiple times a day to reduce paper waste. In the first 8 months over 500,000 price changes were automated in the pilot and saved ~ 0.3 tons of paper.
  • Digital archiving and paperless in RO depots – Reduction/ elimination of physical generation (printing) and manually archiving of paper documents in RO depots. Annual project saving: 2000 packs → 5 tons of paper → 10-12 tons of wood. “A ton of recycled paper saves 17 mature trees from cutting” → we save annually over 80 trees from cutting.
  • Pricing Tool East – Predictive analytics for price forecasting is currently under testing with a potential of saving 460 hours per year.
  • Power quantity in our Gas & Power division – the mission was to build a scalable business by automating manual effort with Power quantity management and increase forecast accuracy due to structured data management.
  • Petrobrazi Digitalization Roadmap for the next 3 years’ time horizon. That includes digital initiatives under execution like CO2 calculation & reporting automation and Energy Balance as well as digital initiatives in idea/ concept phase like Site Wide Energy Management Tool, Digital Gas Detection, Waste Management Digitization and Artificial Intelligence in Process Units (with energy efficiency as part of the overall objective function).

Enhance HSSE capabilities

  • Mobile application for HSSE – mobile/ web-based application which should be used by different groups of employees from R&M division. The application is meant to engage them, encourage safe work practices, and to help us create a safer work environment and reduce workplace incidents.

Upskill Employees

  • OMV Petrom Digital Bootcamp – The Bootcamp is the innovation exercise which correctly frames a challenge, designs and implements the right solutions in a time to market approach, aiming to create value for the customer and for the company. Through our change agent network (70+ employees) we managed to co-create and ideate. Out of the 10 Bootcamps initiated, we have 5 solutions implemented on the market. The other 5 bootcamps helped scale the Design Thinking principles a step further, proving that learning by failure is a must in a constant transformational environment and builds resiliency. Resilience helped the organization develop a growth mindset, adopt the right behaviors and embrace the change.
  • Car Home – represents the outcome of an Innovation Process (using Design Thinking framework) where we started from a specific customer need (the need to manage car admin duties) and we turned it into a real-life app. The help of our digital community (200+ employees) across the company was crucial in successfully developing the application, that digitalizes the services in OMV and Petrom filling station and offers new features through a user-friendly and customizable interface. Employees contributed with user interviews, user testing capabilities (over 10 working sessions), rapid prototyping and bug tracking (over 300 bugs raised and fixed). In order to monitor and control the app’s success we have also developed a set of KPIs like: No of Downloads, No of Active Users, No of Transactions, etc. that will be visible(tracked) starting Q1 2023.

Via our program DIGITUP in E&P, we performed a series of digitalization activities:

Enhance Resource Efficiency

OSI PI Deployment

150K tags configured on the server, collecting data from wells: process parameters, pressures, temperatures, flows, artificial lift system information (pumping type, speeds, operating parameters) and from surface facilities: process parameters (levels in separators, product flows, temperatures, pressures, export quality, flows to customers

Facility Report Digitalization (FReD)

enables paperless process parameter capturing to PI and subsequent automatic data transfer to group wide systems such as PIMMS. In Q1 the pilot phase was completed for 6 facilities in Assets Moldova and Valahia, including the PIMMS integration and electronic signature for digital reports. Q2 rollout started and implemented in 121 facilities in Asset Moldova (complete) and Asset Valahia (3 production sectors). Until end of 2022 we will reach 420 facilities

PMF Automation

3 use cases deployment allows the usage of new digitally integrated engineering platform, consolidating data from 6 source systems. Current manual workflows were automated

Best Day

global product reduces manual work and downtime via automated algorithms to assist engineers and is a key contributor to overall goal of achieving +0.5% yearly production. 8,524 wells are deployed in the tool

At OMV Petrom, we also run interdivisional programs – CIO & Digital Office:

Upskill Employees

Reverse mentoring

an interdivisional program that involved managers and digital natives, in a new approach in which mentors were the digital native colleagues and mentees were the managers. The program is aimed at creating a mindset change, foster cross-divisional collaboration and support people embrace new technologies on six aspects: digital proficiency, work automation, reporting, collaboration, productivity and media literacy

Citizen Development

in 2020, OMV Petrom originated “Digital Democracy”, an upskilling initiative aimed at enabling our workforce (“citizens”) to leverage the benefits of low-code tools such as Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps. In September 2022, concept and scope have been extended to cover MS Power Platform (“Power Citizens”) & Data Science (“Data Citizens”), with a pilot launched with 4 use cases in OMV Petrom Finance