Employee development

Why is this important?

We foster a learning culture where our employees continuously increase their knowledge, skills, and performance to meet our business objectives. Our activities require highly qualified employees able to adapt to the challenges brought by the changing technologies and market demands.

Our commitment

Maintaining a skilled, highly qualified and performant workforce.

We measure

We monitor the number of training hours per employee, per different categories of employees and by gender as well as the number of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews.

We act

Training curricula is adjusted based on the needs assessment, by combining internal and external training programs. COVID-19 transformed traditional classroom training, and we are now increasingly focusing on e-learning and digital content platforms where we encourage our employees to select the subjects better suited to their needs.

We check

All trainings are evaluated based on criteria including content quality, instructor performance, ability to adapt to the audience and achieved outcomes. After an internal analysis & feedback, improvements are considered and implemented to increase the content quality and select the most suitable topics for the next training period.

We train

Our training team works closely with each department to ensure training is tailored according to their business and people needs.

We plan

We implement innovative learning programs that help our teams increase their technical competencies, improve their soft skills, enabling them to be a part of our company’s transformation and growth.

Our key actions
  • GROW Leadership Program is a practice of new ways of working, a personal help for leaders to better manage their own life and their teams and is based on a micro-learning concept. The program contributes to the development of leaders in the organization, as well as their teams, on 3 key competencies: Save Time, Develop & Empower People, Collaborate. The program runs for a period of 10 months, the second wave taking place from April 2022 to February 2023.
  • “Drive It! – Career talks” – A series of career meetings, part of the development program, with a focus on diversity in the R&M and G&P divisions at Group level. The participants had the opportunity to have discussions in which the focus was on their career and development, to learn from the shared experience of the leaders and to receive information and advice that could help them in their own development.
  • Get to Know & Grow is a talent development initiative focusing on Core Top Talents employees led by OMV Petrom Executive Board Members and consists in development talks between Executive Board Members and Core Top Talents in a cross-divisional set up.
  • First Time Leaders 2.0 was designed to build leadership skills for employees taking over a leadership role for the first time, adapted to their management level. It includes useful information on OMV Petrom’s leadership models, their role as a leader, highly effective teams, virtual leadership, and change management.
  • Communication Kit for Managers – Continuing the initiative started in 2021, we prepared a quarterly Communication Kit to disseminate to all management levels an overview of the main messages in the organization, based on each quarterly internal webcast with the Executive Board. The kit includes a guide with tips and tricks on how to better communicate in the meetings with their team.
  • Crowdsourcing on internal career mobility – Launched in 2022, it is a project intended to encourage our colleagues to see internal mobility as an opportunity. Their ideas on how to boost internal mobility were collected and the 3 best proposals were selected to be further implemented.
  • Purpose Learning Week – Advancing Circular is one of the three enablers for our refreshed Group Purpose – “Re-inventing essentials for sustainable living”. In 2022 was organized a Group-wide learning week on Advancing Circular, where we provided deeper insights into circular economy through a series of exciting and interesting live events.
  • Future Work Learning Challenge – Part of “Hello Hybrid” project, launched in 2022, the first edition aimed to build the competencies needed to thrive in the hybrid work environment. During the program, colleagues at Group level have dived together into surprising insights and experiences, with focus on 4 key topics: New Ways of Working, Self-Management, Collaboration and Inclusion.
Results (KPI, other indicators)
  • GROW Leadership Program – The program was extended to the second line of management; approximately 200 employees benefited from the program
  • Drive It! – Career talks”30 inspirational meetings with senior leaders from our organization
  • Get to Know & Grow – Since its launch, our OMV Petrom EB Members participated to one-on-one meetings with employees from different departments; in 2022, the target was 100% covered
  • Future Work Learning Challenge 55 participants successfully completed the program
  • Purpose Learning Week – Advancing Circular – The events gathered more than 1,800 participants across the Group
  • Our employees received 213,464 hours of training

Our GROW program was awarded at the 2022 HR Excellence Gala organized by HR Club, the Association of HR professionals in Romania. Furthermore, the project will be published in the “HR Club Best Practices Manual”, 2022 edition, as a best practice example in Human Resources.


In 2023, we plan to finalize the new set of values and embed them in our activities. Moreover, we continue to explore the ways in which we can contribute to living our new purpose, Reinventing essentials for sustainable living, through the Working Together Week. Additionally, for the next year, a Sustainability Academy will be created to help the upskilling of our team and, also, a purpose-led transformational leadership program will be implemented to help leaders drive the change.