Diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination

Why is this important?

We actively leverage diversity to create business value and we are aware that age, nationality, and gender diversity bring a solid contribution when it comes to how we approach different challenges encountered. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) practices have a strong impact on people and teams, improve engagement and job satisfaction and are contributing to the sustainability of business. 

Our commitment

We set a goal to increase the number of women at management levels and develop the next generation of talents, while also improving employee engagement and employee journey. 


This year, along with the new People and Culture Strategy, we launched the DE&I Vision that encompasses three pillars:  

  • Diversity of thought and experience, thus our aim is to become an organization where our difference(s) are embraced and used as a catalyst for growth and creativity.  
  • Equitable opportunity – our actions are targeted towards actively removing barriers so that each one of us will grow and contribute to the success of our companies. 
  • To ensure an inclusive and safe space, through building a culture of trust and respect, working together for everyone to bring their full selves at work. 
We measure

We track the diversity of our employees by age, nationality, gender and management positions, as well as parental leave for both women and men.  

We act

The continuous involvement of Executive Board Members in a series of internal and external events and programs emphasizes the importance our Senior Management grants to DE&I. 


We offer dedicated programs each year: 

  • Mentoring programs for diverse target population:  Advanced & Core Mentoring Program for employees who will develop for management positions,  
  • Cross Company Mentoring Program for diverse working experience and networking,  
  • HERenergy for young women professionals with technical backgrounds 
  • DE&I Events: International Women’s Day and DE&I Month 
We train
  • Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Month includes a diverse series of blogs and interactive events to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • SHEnergy program meant to support Women to build-up a strong career in management by the mean of developing their soft skills and creating a strong internal network continued this year with 9 participants. 
  • 37 colleagues completed the Understanding Unconscious Bias online learning sessions.  
We plan

To deliver the 2030 DE&I roadmap, we shall also launch the roll out plan for the training concept on DE&I. 


We will continue to develop relevant learning, events and programs for women and generations, as well as develop and implement of impactful practices and programs related to employees’ wellbeing, parents and employees with special needs /disabilities. We also plan to launch a guide for employees with disabilities meant to raise awareness on the topic for all employees. 


Workforce diversity is one of the objectives in our recruitment processes. All our programs dedicated to students and young professionals are also focusing on achieving a gender balance. 

Our key actions

We continued working to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace through various events:

  • International Women’s Day 2022, #BreakTheBias: The focus was on creating a bias-free environment, in which everybody – irrespective of their gender, background, sexual orientation – can thrive. One important area was improving women’s equality by raising awareness around biases, stereotypes and discrimination. We unfolded two group-wide online events gathering over 165 participants: 
    • For the #BreakTheBias Guest Speaker Event, we invited an external speaker (female international football player) to take part and share her personal story of how she experienced bias, especially in a very male-dominated sport, and how she contributed to breaking the bias as a leader of the football team.    
    • With the DE&I Quick Poll Insights & Discussion, we gave an insight on the feedback we received via the quick poll 2021, that provided us valuable input for creating the new DE&I strategy.
  • DE&I Month dedicated events to women, generations, parents, disabilities organized by the DE&I coordinators from the Group that aimed to bring useful information and interactions to all employees. 

DE&I Team in OMV Petrom implemented the following events:  


  • Parenting Experience Exchange – where 3 parents from 3 different cultures and companies talked through their common challenges, experience and best practices on how to ensure a proper balance between work and family life. More than 140 participants took part in this first edition  
  • Unconscious Bias Panel Discussion – an online event where Executive Board Members from OMV Petrom, OMV and Borealis shared their views on the most common biases in the working place. The audience (165 participants) interacted with the speakers and exchanged their opinions on the topic.  
  • In December we organized the first post pandemic physical event for parents and children: “Bring your kids to work … to celebrate Christmas”. A total of 150 children who attended had the opportunity to learn more about the Oil&Gas Industry.  


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project Streams 

In 2022, we launched Parenting and Disabilities working streams that would help us articulate and achieve our DE&I vision:

  • Parenting stream organized the events above-mentioned (Parenting Experience Exchange and Bring your kids to work) 
  • Disabilities stream aims to create awareness on the topic as well by the developing tools & behaviors meant to create an inclusive space for our colleagues with disabilities or special needs. Among their first deliverables (2023) there would be a Guide for Disabilities to include general information about disabilities related aid toolkit as well as common sense recommended behavior when interacting with a person in need.  


We launched a mentoring program dedicated to women (HER ENERGY) and continued the mentoring programs for students and interns. 

Results (KPI, other indicators)
  • 31.1% women at management level  
  • 32 mentees and 36 mentors participated in our mentoring programs  
  • No incidents of discrimination were registered in 2022

In 2023, we plan to continue measuring Engagement in our organization by conducting the Pulse Check, which we consider an integrator for wellbeing, people development and leadership practices.  


At the same time, key actions will be dedicated to building-up on our DE&I Streams: Parents, Wellbeing, Generations, Disabilities and Women. 


We will continue to deliver high quality events and learning in order to increase commitment and interest on DE&I, and to create a strong volunteer network.