We believe that people make it happen.

In 2022, the new People & Culture Strategy 2030 was launched, supporting the implementation of the Business Strategy and driving change in our organization. This serves as the foundation for building and sustaining a solid talent pipeline that will enable us to achieve our goals and is built on four strategic pillars: 

  • New Ways of Working 
  • Organizational Evolution 
  • Growing Talent 
  • Employee Experience 


We also started a process of re-designing our values through an inclusive and participatory Group level, inspired by the philosophy of “fingerprints of the many”. Our colleagues from OMV Group were involved in the process of shaping the new way of working while delivering on our ambition of ‘Re-inventing Essentials for Sustainable Living’. A Change Agent Network with more than 70 colleagues globally, including colleagues from OMV Petrom, was created and workshops on Values & Behaviors and AI (Artificial Intelligence) were held to helps us co-create our new values that will set our future ways of working. In 2023 the plan is to launch and start embedding the new values. 

Our approach regarding People & Communities contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 3target 3.3 by working to combat communicable diseases (COVID -19) 
  • SDG 4target 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 by ensuring equal access to men and women, increasing skills and prevention of discrimination
  • SDG 5target 5.1 by ensuring there are no forms of discrimination against women through our policies 
  • SDG 8target 8.2, 8.5 through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, decent work and equal treatment of all employees 
  • SDG 10 target 10.3 by ensuring to eliminate all discriminatory policies and practices
  • SDG 13 target 13.1 by our afforestation initiatives