Community development investments

Why is this important?

We contribute to the growth of local communities through our community and social investments, which are focused on preventing and mitigating social risks, establishing OMV Petrom as a socially responsible company.

Our commitment

We carry out the operations in communities in accordance with the UN Principles on Business and Human Rights, thus advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We are committed to maintaining our social license to operate through yearly Community Relations and Community Development goals, plans, and budgets, based on an evaluation of the Social Impact Needs and Risks.


By 2030, we target to keep at least 80% of local communities covered by yearly social investments.

We measure

We measure the community investment impact in terms of the number of volunteers and their hours, the number of beneficiaries reached and share of our local communities assisted.

We act

As part of our Social Impact Assessments (SIA) framework, consultation is conducted at the beginning and during every phase of a project, including through the available community grievance mechanism. Our social projects are prioritized, planned, and managed in partnership with local stakeholders and the budget is allocated yearly.

We check

Our projects are evaluated to reduce risks to the local communities. Therefore, we collaborate with the communities to prevent, minimize, and manage any adverse effects.

We volunteer

We offer employees opportunities to actively engage in driving responsible and sustainable behavior.

In 2022, we launched a mechanism for corporate volunteering. Employees are granted one paid working day off per year to volunteer related to the situation in Ukraine.

We plan

Community Consultation and Social Impact Assessments

Our community relations and development management strategy are based on centralized goals and objectives that will be carried out by staff members who are accountable locally using local resources. We do a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) before beginning a business initiative in the communities, which includes prior free and informed consultation with and consent from local stakeholders. To promote synergies and efficiency, the SIA is occasionally incorporated into the Environmental Impact Assessment (ESIA). Through the commissioning, operational, and decommissioning or abandonment phases of the project life cycle, the SIA seeks to guarantee that the opinions of the local community are taken into account and addressed.


Any possible impact on human rights is fully addressed, according to our internal regulation for conducting SIAs. We perform baseline studies, community needs assessments, stakeholder analyses, and a study of social risks for each business project. Whenever it is needed, SIAs are conducted in a participatory manner by directly consulting with potentially affected communities. Our standards require that the outcomes of the SIA are communicated to affected stakeholders. Site-specific strategies for community relations and development, stakeholder engagement plans as well as Community Grievance Mechanisms are further employed.


We adhere to national laws, financial obligations, and international norms to provide a transparent community connection process. We have designed a distinct set of internal standards, procedures, and directives for Community Relations and Community Development, Stakeholder Engagement, E&P Process of Community Engagement, Sponsorship Strategy, and Grievance Mechanism.


We engage in frequent communications with a range of stakeholders, people from our communities that we are meet in daily business and whom we consider key dialogue partners in achieving goals. The local needs identified through the SIA process and feedback received after consultation sessions become benchmarks for prioritizing investments.


The community relations team from all Business Divisions creates targeted community involvement plans, social impact assessments, and management plans as well as exit strategies to guarantee that any potential social repercussions are addressed in the event of decommissioning or exit.


The OMV Petrom Sustainability corporate level function governs and steers the implementation of the community relations and development plans in the company, receives regular reporting and feedback from stakeholders, monitors and ensures that the Group guidelines, policies, and regulations are correctly implemented. The framework for managing community interactions is based on centrally controlled policies, roles, and objectives, as well as locally sourced resources. To track and direct the local implementation of our site-specific community relations and development strategies and plans, we hold organized, frequent alignment sessions with our community development professionals. For each Business Division, community relations and development management initiatives are created in accordance with its unique business strategy.


One best practice example for community consultation is the ‘Memorandum of understanding’, which we signed with Prahova County Council, County School Inspectorate, County Emergency Situation Department to properly identify relevant CRCD projects in partnership with local stakeholders.


We drive the largest private afforestation program, and we created an action network around it. We have established a partnership agreement with the Minister of Forests, Waters and Environment and 6 national environmental NGOs to maintain ecological balance. In their turn, each NGO enlarges the partnership with county authorities for local afforestation and engages people from communities for volunteering.


Needs Assessments and prioritization

In our evaluation, we give priority to initiatives that have the potential to improve beneficiaries’ lives over the long term and contribute to society as a whole. Key OMV Petrom focus areas for our community and social investments include health, education, and environmental protection. The SDGs, community needs highlighted through SIAs, and our ongoing community consultation process are all connected with community and social investments. Projects in partnership with local stakeholders to ensure a maximum social return on our investment remain our targeted priority every year. Our yearly planning includes a final selection of projects and budget allocation, and the project plans are designed based on consultation with major stakeholders in our local communities.

Our key actions

OMV Petrom Foundation

Launched in 2022, OMV Petrom Foundation is building programs and supporting long-term investments in Romania. The Foundation acts, through resources and solutions, to contribute decisively to the creation of a sustainable and fair society for all of us, by supporting education, environmental protection and improving the health care system. Thus, OMV Petrom Foundation aims to become an important pillar in the civil society through strategic long-term partnerships with other NGOs, central or local public authorities in the three key areas mentioned.


  • Children’s participation in Early Childhood Education and Care

 “Start in Education” project targets 70,000 beneficiaries (preschoolers and parents) from 500 disadvantaged communities, mostly in rural areas, facilitating the children’s access to educational resources through an educational kit, helping their parents manage early learning experiences through a Parent’s school program and therefore contributing to enhancing enrolment in the kindergarten. The program has a budget of EUR 2.7 mn.


  • Together from day one

With a budget of EUR 2 mn, OMV Foundation launched its first project, “Together from day one”, which includes three directions of intervention to help reduce infant mortality in Romania: a fund of EUR 1 mn to increase the equipment level of 45 maternity hospitals, 1 mobile intensive care unit – the first unit of its kind in Romania – specialized for the transport of critical neonatal patients, and 6 SMURD helicopters with the latest technology incubating systems, at European standards.


Prahova Fund for Education

This program supports through a grants competition relevant educational projects developed by non-governmental organizations, educational establishments, or public institutions in Prahova County. 


In 2022 the Fund financed 8 community projects with EUR 200,000 which transform the community and provide an enabling environment for children’s development.


Petrochemical School

The project aim is to assure a high quality and sustainable pipeline of blue-collar workforce – answering the needs of the R&M Division.


24 students enrolled in 2022 in Petrochemical School 3-year dual system program and receive monthly scholarships of up to 700 RON from OMV Petrom, plus 200 RON from the Romanian state. The future petrochemists will benefit from internships at the Petrobrazi Refinery, a modern and applied learning environment, including a laboratory equipped to high standards with the help of OMV Petrom. After completion of the three years of vocational education, students will acquire a professionally recognized professional qualification and will have employment opportunities within our company.



“România Eficientă” is a unique initiative in Romania, aimed to create a culture of energy efficiency in the building sector. The project has two major dimensions: on the one hand, a dimension of information, education and public awareness and, on the other hand, one of major renovation works at nZEB standards, in public schools in Romania.


This is the largest private project of national interest dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings and has entered 2022 the stage of renovation of partner schools (“Elie Radu” High-School in Ploieşti, Liliești Secondary School – Băicoi (Prahova County) and technical documentation of a kindergarten (Ovidiu, Constanța County). In 2022, OMV Petrom granted for “România Eficientă” approx. EUR 8 mn for the renovation of 6 other educational units until 2026.


In 2022, “România Eficientă” received the external recognition as “Energy Efficiency Program of the Year”, within the Energy Gala Awards – The Diplomat Bucharest.


Romania plants for tomorrow

In 2022, OMV Petrom reached 2 mn saplings in its 3rd year of the campaign. This was possible with more than 5,000 volunteers, of which 400 OMV Petrom employees in 44 localities from 18 counties with the support of 6 non-governmental organizations.


The “Petrom Forest” campaign in Moldova was launched in 2022, with the goal of planting 20,000 trees in the next two years. 


Minutes of flight, for hours of life

The partnership with Blondie Association sustains a system through which children with serious medical conditions, from vulnerable families or at risk of abandonment, receive the necessary medical support for treatment and recovery with a budget of EUR 1.5 mn.

Main outcomes in 2022:

  • 78 children (more than 80% newborns) and 4 adults were transported by plane to 10 countries
  • 15 Ukrainian children with severe neurological conditions transported by plane to European countries for immediate medical support
  • 1300 mothers and children flown from Ukraine on 7 flights

Support for public hospitals

Five public hospitals in Bicaz, Constanța, Marghita and Ploiești were supported with needed infrastructure and medical equipment with a total allocated budget of over EUR 5.2 mn.

Additionally, the Medical Services Caravan project provided mobile medical services to approximately 500 beneficiaries in 5 isolated communities in Prahova County.

Results (KPI, other indicators)
  • EUR 40 mn social investments in projects that covered 100% of local communities
  • Over 1,800 OMV Petrom volunteers
  • Over 850,000 beneficiaries


The impact on the local communities resulted from our development and operations is assessed in the framework of our ESIA procedure aligned to the Romanian regulations, meaning that all projects are screened, and all impacts are mitigated in the permitting process. 


Our social investment increased from over EUR 10.7 mn to over EUR 40 mn covering 100% of local communities.


The number of volunteers: over 1,800


Projects to be continued in 2023 include:

  • EUR 3 mn will be allocated to the continuation of “Romania plants for tomorrow” with the objective of planting one million trees in the main cities of Romania by 2025
  • “Oilmen School” – More than 140 pupils will continue receiving the scholarships and the 4th generation (71 pupils) will graduate in 2023
  • “Petrochemical School” – 24 students enrolled in the Pilot project for the 1st generation in dual system: petrochemical operators’ qualification (3 years)
  • “România Eficientă” will continue the renovation works
  • A new health project that will provide free palliative care services to approximately 5,000 patients and 10,000 family members
  • We will continue the support for Ploiești Emergency Hospital and the extension of the Medical Services Caravan at national level
  • OMV Petrom Foundation will focus on early education and supporting health projects