Materiality and stakeholders

Every three years we develop an extensive and structured process of consultation with the Company’s external and internal stakeholders in order to identify new material topics for the Sustainability Report.


In 2020, we implemented an analysis and consultation process to determine our new sustainability priorities. Since then, we have continually monitored and updated our priority issues. You can find more about the full-scale process of consultation and analysis we performed in our Sustainability Report 2020 and our website.


The sustainability topics are re-grouped into 9 topic categories, containing a series of sub-topics to facilitate the reporting process and harmonization with the Sustainability Framework under the 2030 Strategy approved by the Executive Board at the end of 2021.


Material topic categories of major importance for stakeholders and OMV Petrom are presented in the matrix below.


These topics are further classified in four focus areas as strategically updated in 2021, and our performance on each topic and sub-topic is disclosed within this Report.


We will continue to monitor internal and external factors that can influence our sustainability priorities. Given the current legal developments at EU level on corporate sustainability reporting and other developments in particular related to climate change and energy transition, we decided to re-examine the materiality of our topics in a new consultation in 2022.