We structured our digitalization efforts in 2021 on 3 pillars: enhance resource efficiency, enhance HSSE capabilities and upskill our employees.

The Enhance Resource Efficiency pillar consists of the following major projects:

  • Paperless initiative – in 2021 the number of printouts decreased by more than 37% compared to 2020. We continue to make efforts to reduce paper consumption, with additional initiatives running, such as the implementation of a companywide electronic archiving system, integrated with the electronic signature, to be used by all users, standardization of e-signing solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence – algorithms analysis via the video analytics in order to perform checks of product availability on shelves and layout conformity, and report live on changes or missing products. The platform will enhance customer experience, grow sales, permanently ensure HSSE and security compliance, as well as reduce food waste. The project was piloted in 20 filling stations.
  • Fixed Assets Inventory Automation – a project initiated to eliminate paper documents generated during the inventory process, by using an integrated digital solution, electronic signature and archive create a digitized, standardized, more qualitative, efficient, and faster inventory process by applying a high degree of automation. Also, the project aims to eliminate paper documents generated during the inventory process, by using an integrated digital solution, electronic signature and archive. An important milestone achieved was to implement the IT application in the cloud environment by end of the year, and to start integration with other applications in OMV Petrom (SAP, GIS, Geocall, Mfiles). In parallel, the complex process of harmonization and standardization of fixed assets in all OMV Petrom divisions is ongoing.
  • Our DataLake pilot in Downstream serves as the basis for big water related data applications – predictive analytics, time forecasting, natural language processing, image recognition up to complex optimization solutions. DataLake use cases developed or that are under development in Downstream in 2021 related to a series of our activities in product retail, Petrobrazi Refinery, fuel stations and gas transport and dispatching.
  • Flexi-Desk – Flexi Desk comes to complete our Teleworking Program. It provides more flexibility, ensuring a higher utilization of the office space as well as new ways of working.


We also continued to work on our second digitalization pillar, enhancing HSSE capabilities:

  • HSSE Passport, digitization of conformity verification processes – As part of the continuous supervision and as support for improving the HSSE performance of contractors, we permanently deliver HSSE trainings to managers and workers working in our locations. A unique badge was associated to the “HSSE Passport Training” for each contractor and it was designed like a verification mean if contractors received the safety awareness training and it reflects the participants’ understanding of hazards and risks associated to their work. Legally required certifications/authorizations can be also recorded in the same database and can be tracked on the same card via a QR code. The cards can be verified on site by the HSSE staff, supervisors, and project managers using smartphones. This verification ensures that the people performing activities in OMV Petrom locations are qualified for the job they perform. A common database of Upstream & Downstream Oil (Petrobrazi) Contractors has been consolidated.


The Digitalization Pillar – Upskill Employees:

  • Digital Democracy – a project aiming to mobilize and empower the workforce leading to a more agile and efficient organization through digitalization, therefore targeting to scale digitalization to speed up time to value by wide use of key technologies.
  • Digital Bootcamp – the objective was to understand our Fuels & Petrochemical Sales customer dissatisfaction issues and then calibrate the Voice of the Customer with the Voice of the Business in order to generate meaningful ideas for implementation. In 2021, we selected for implementation three ideas consisting of:
  • Implementation of a notification system for bulk B2B customers, to provide full transparency over the process
  • Tank gauging meters that generate orders, to resolve any out-of-stock issues for our customers
  • E-commerce card payments to reduce end-to-end delivery time