OMV Petrom has a People Strategy set on five principles – Team Spirit, Accountability, Passion, Pioneering Spirit, and Performance – that guide us for obtaining sustainable business growth. These principles are the underlying base for creating and maintaining a strong talent pipeline that will help us achieve success.

The People Strategy’s scope is to support the implementation of four priorities through planned initiatives that target our continuous growth:

  • Strengthening leadership capability
  • Focusing on culture and performance
  • Increasing organizational agility
  • Remaining a great place to work


All of our employees receive standard benefits such as kindergarten coverage, relocation, health insurance, parental leave, work-commuting coverage, and paid vacations and treatment (see Performance in detail). Furthermore, under the framework of the collective labor agreement, our company provides paid days off for close family events, as well as dedicated allowances for certain family events. For personal reasons, unpaid days off are also available. The internal procedures also refer to the reimbursement of part of the costs of the education of small children, while advantageous conditions with some private education providers are also negotiated for our employees.

Our approach regarding People & Communities contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 3 – target 3.3 by working to combat communicable diseases (COVID -19)
  • SDG 4 – target 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 by ensuring equal access to men and women, increasing skills and prevention of discrimination
  • SDG 5 – target 5.1 by ensuring there are no forms of discrimination against women through our policies
  • SDG 8 – target 2, 8.5 through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, decent work and equal treatment of all employees
  • SDG 10 – target 10.3 by ensuring to eliminate all discriminatory policies and practices
  • SDG 13 – target 13.1 through our afforestation initiatives