Employee Development

Talent Acquisition

OMV Petrom wants to improve their employee experience, in order to be a better place to work, more innovative, and more in-demand among applicants. As the employee experience is an increasingly popular topic, in 2020, we`ve created a collaborative environment (Crowdsourcing) where the young professionals shared with us their ideas and opinions on how an ideal candidate journey and employee experience look like. Therefore, 20 students and young graduates guided by mentors from OMV Petrom had the opportunity to speak their mind, share their thoughts, and their job expectations. Crowdsourcing is a tool for academics and businesses that allows them to harness the wisdom of crowds and provide recommendations and insight into complex situations. This method is used for innovation generating many new ideas based on the input of diverse groups of thinkers.

The Company is also focused on providing knowledge transfer programs and building a robust talent pipeline through cooperation with key universities and investing through complex internship and scholarship programs:

Fresh Graduates – is a pillar program in OMV Petrom, attracting and hiring fresh graduates with a technical background. In 2020, we hired 20 fresh graduates to become our colleagues.

OMV Petrom Excellence Scholarship is a program for students, offering the opportunity to focus on studies and link between theory and practice. In the 2020 edition, 45 students from targeted universities (University of Petroleum and Gas Ploiești, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest) were awarded scholarships.

Digitalization of the recruitment process

In this unpredictable context, we adapted in an agile way to online communication through Power Platforms assuring the safety of all candidates and employees involved in the recruitment process. 100% of interviews are conducted online.

Diversity in Recruitment

Workforce diversity is one of the most important objectives in the recruitment processes and continues to be also in the coming years, as part of OMV Petrom’s strategy. Ensuring a good balance of diversity, 33.08% from 2020 hires are women. The number of hiring was calculated as from total employee numbers at the end of the reporting period.

Training programs

Learning is a key enabler of people development, organizational growth and change. The pandemic was an opportunity to showcase just how agile OMV Petrom’s learning and development can be to minimize business disruption and improve organizational performance.


Since 2018 Petrom already invested in modern learning management systems (LMSs), eLearning (LinkedIn learning libraries), digital content platforms, and this gave us a good basis to develop further for continuous improvement.


We started by guiding our employees and leaders in selecting the virtual content relevant for them in dealing with the new challenges. Learning Hub collections, Webinars (example: New ways of working best practices in OMV Petrom), Inspiration library for leaders, personal skills learning collections are among the first initiatives we took after face-to-face learning interaction was restricted. We’ve seen an elevated interest in virtual training through an increase (by 22.38%) in the number of registrations.


As training programs and events shift online exclusively, we searched for strategies to quickly convert instructor-led training to a virtual format. Furthermore, we developed a train the trainers in virtual facilitation available to all professionals interested in building virtual content for internal sharing knowledge and, as well, for those required to facilitate various workshops and leadership events.


Remote leadership was one of the major priorities, especially we focused to equip front line managers and first time leaders with the essential skills. Classroom content, where the case, was adapted for virtual delivery, while all the e-Learnings, webinars and online materials continued to be available and easy accessible on our Leaders Platform. Mentoring, Coaching and 360 feedback, facilitated by internal and external virtually platforms, never cease to be among the best tools in providing our leaders with trustful and professional advice.


Employee well-being has become a key focus area for learning and development. Encouraging and supporting employees through this time was critical. In collaboration with HSSE colleagues we searched for ways to teach our leaders on how to motivate and engage their teams, to boost morale and reduce anxiety and stress, same time keeping them connected to the organization. And so, more than 250 of our leaders participated in dedicated trainings on building team effectiveness, under Time2Connect campaign.


As coaching (virtually) employees and feedback are key to leading effectively and essentials for their growth, this leadership competence area will continue to be in our focus for 2021.


In total, in 2020, we delivered 135,284 hours of training to our employees, of which 22,187 hours of online training session.

Programs implemented to upgrade employee skills
Type of programName of the Program / Training typeSkills acquired through the program
Internal Programs► Mandatory and periodical training for all employees► Phishing, Compliance, Business Ethics, Data Protections, Work from Home, Human Rights
 ► HSSE Curriculum (internal and external)► Occupational Health and Safety
 ► Blue Collars Courses► Technical knowledge and skills, according to job descriptions and regulations in place
 ► New Employee Orientation (NEO) local► This program is meant to offer useful information regarding our organization, tools and regulations
 ► Digital Academy► Online curriculum, mostly in partnership with LinkedIn Learning, covering relevant topics for all key competencies, plus IT.
 ► Personal skills catalogue (content provided online via LinkedIn Learning platform)► Personal skills such as innovation, creative thinking, public speaking, conflict resolution, time management, decision making
 ► Frontline Managers (Upstream division)► The Frontline Managers training is a tailor-made modular Upstream training program.
External Programs► Leadership Group Programs► Leadership capabilities & tools
 ► Time2Upskill. Program that included the following workshops:
– Skills for thriving when working from home
– Digital teaming skills
– Dealing with uncertainty for improved teamwork
► Depending on the workshop, the main objectives
of the program were:
– Learn new skills for balancing work and life while working from home
– Get familiar with a framework for practicing leadership in an age of uncertainty
– Learn new skills for more effective digital teaming.
 ► Mentoring► To accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and help Mentee reach their true potential
 ► Open Programs► Various professional skills according to specific development needs
 ► Integrated Graduate Development Program► Interdisciplinary expertise and competencies for the Upstream Junior Engineers
 ► Certifications and legally binding trainings► Technical, professional, health and safety related skills, in line with local regulations or internal policies (i.e. first aid, defensive driving)
 ► Languages► Various languages training provided for the employees

The evaluation of training programs and results follow-up:

We have an evaluation process (both for classroom and online courses) that takes into account: the quality of the course material, the quality of the presentation, whether the course was useful or not, what other suggestions they have, what they learned from this course, which are major take-aways.

Also, the services offered by the Training team, as well as the training platform are evaluated based on the feedback received, regarding the quality of the course, discussions/alignments take place with the product owners/sellers/trainers in order to improve the quality of the materials and/or the quality of the presentation.

Regarding the Training and system team, following the feedback received, internal analysis sessions take place and the best actions to be implemented are decided (training/modification of internal processes, etc.). Feedback is anonymous, and the evaluation of the course/trainer is done constantly.

Informing and consulting our employees

We commit to maintaining fair relationships with our employees. We pay great attention to complying with the rights of our employees and to fulfilling all our obligations in accordance with the relevant legislation in force, the individual labour contracts, and the collective labour agreements. Communication with our employees is always open and aims to keep them informed and aware of the company’s reality. To this end, we constantly inform and consult employee representatives on developments in the company’s activity that may affect their interests, in accordance with applicable legal and/or conventional provisions.


In case of dismissals on grounds non-attributable to the employees (either individual or collective), the company has the obligation, according to the collective labour agreement, to provide a notice period of 30/60 days (related to the age of the employee) and different dismissal compensation depending on the seniority in the oil industry as defined in the collective labour agreement. Moreover, in case of transfer of undertaking or parts thereof, the minimum information period is of 30 calendar days to employees and their representatives, in accordance with applicable legal provisions.


The rights and obligations of our employees are set out in individual employment contracts as well as in the applicable Collective Labour Agreement. In total, there are four Collective Labour Agreements for the following entities, part of the OMV Petrom Group: OMV Petrom, OMV Petrom Marketing, OMV Petrom Aviation and OMV Petromed Solutions. Our employees have the right to exercise their freedom of association and collective negotiations, according to the applicable legal provisions. We communicate to our employees all aspects in regard to collective bargains on our intranet. Local trade unions represent 89.72% of our employees.

Performance management

At OMV Petrom, we aim to optimize employee performance through our Principles-led culture. To unlock an employee’s full potential, we look at what we do and how we do it. Both aspects are important when we set our performance and development goals, review our progress, and evaluate our achievements. The purpose of our annual review process is to support our employees and our managers through structured, systematic planning of performance and personal development in the Company. In 2020, 5,051 employees underwent performance and career development reviews, structured as follows: 4,430 operative staff and 621 management. Out of total, 75.72% were women.

Reward management

We target to occupy a strong market position with compensation levels designed to be competitive in the respective labour markets, ideally in reference to the oil and gas, in order to attract, motivate and retain the best-qualified talents.


Thus, we have set performance and development-based organization and, correspondingly, a performance-based reward management system, embedding the principles of People and Organisational Culture related Group strategy “OMV Foundation”. Consistent with the objective to be a reputable employer, the Company’s remuneration principles utilize a balanced mix of fixed and variable, monetary, and non-monetary components.


Our remuneration principles that best drive and support our strategy of “Profitable Growth “are targeting more than just being compliant with the legislation. The Company places people at the core of its business, being one of the main pillars of the Company’s success because we believe that our success can be directly traced back to the high performance and effort of our employees.


Remuneration packages are set to achieve internal equity, as well as they remain externally competitive with the local and international market in which we operate is ensured this by regular reviews based on market benchmarks. Additionally, we ensure an objective evaluation of positions consistent across all divisions and countries through a clearly defined methodology and process that makes the position’s value comparable both within the company and with the external market. The outcome of the evaluation is the basis of the remuneration decision for each employee.


The remuneration of OMV Petrom employees includes:

► a fixed based remuneration paid monthly as a net salary determined by applying the income tax quotas and social contributions to the base gross salary;

► other fixed-payments, such as fixed bonuses and special allowances according to the Collective Labour Agreement;

► other statutory and non-statutory benefits, such as private insurance, holiday indemnity / special days off and, depending on the assigned position, a company car compensation fee;

► short/medium term (quarterly and/or annual) performance-related component, recognition bonuses, and awards for role models and living Foundation principles, outstanding contributions into strategic projects or business transaction.