Sustainability Report 2020


Our employees are at the core of OMV Petrom’s sustainable business. We foster and nurture the right environment that engages, promotes, and acts as a multiplier of sustainability and safety across our people, processes, and actions. This is how we maintain our constant presence among the top 10 employers in Romania.

OMV Petrom respects, fulfills and supports the realization of human rights as contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNGC Principles, and in internationally recognized treaties, including those of the International Labour Organization (ILO). This includes a commitment to upholding labor rights, including decent wages, working hours, employee representation, and provisions against forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking.

COVID-19 Management in OMV Petrom

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, and clients are our number one priority. This is why we implemented isolation measures in critical facilities, extended shifts, and offered a crisis indemnity. In case of a positive COVID-19 test, our employees have the benefit of private psychological clinic support and special conditions from the private insurance. In order to protect staff and themselves, very strict rules are introduced for the employees tested positive that come back to work.


The intranet dedicated page regarding COVID-19 is all the time updated with the latest information and advice. Besides Petromed call line and IT Recommendations regarding working from home, the Human Resources guide about people management and the guideline for managers in COVID-19 crisis situation are only a few examples of materials put together by our experts to support the activity and wellbeing of the OMV Petrom family.


At the end of 2020, after few taught months of working restriction, we did a quick Survey “#we are listening” on the coronavirus topic and for all our employees within OMV Petrom Group. Taking into consideration the special context, it was especially important for us to increase our employee engagement. This was achieved as shown in the Promoter Score of 8.71 reported. We received answers from 43% with a very good outcome about the impact of the coronavirus measures taken by the Company on everyday work life and how the Company is handling the challenges. The number of respondents was calculated for OMV Petrom Group and included Global Solutions.


► Most employees (78%) reported they were doing ok or were completely fine or were satisfied with the support they received from the company’s measures, leadership, and working virtually from home.

► Of the respondents who were struggling (6%), most were not working in virtual teams and were impacted by school restrictions.

► We continued to make “remaining a great place to work” our strategic priority: after all, almost 9 out of 10 employees recommend OMV Petrom Group as a workplace.

Strategy 2025 target
► Increase the share of women at management level to 30% by 2025;
► Increase the next generation of talents through Fresh Graduate employees;
► Measure and increase the engagement level of our employees.
Status 2020► Share of women at management level achieved: 25.56%[1];
► 20 fresh graduates hired;
► Employee promoter score 8.71 recorded from 2020 Survey.
Action plan to achieve the targets► Implement innovative measures and projects in order to reach the targets of the Sustainability Strategy 2025.
► Optimize employees’ performance through our Principles-led culture in order to maintain the goal of employer of choice.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported

Main Programs fulfilled in 2020

Get to Know and Grow – a development initiative purposely focusing on Core TOP Talents employees led by OMV Petrom Executive Board Members. It consisted in development talks between Executive Board Members and Core Top Talents in a cross-divisional set up;

► Launch of Career round table – a program that aimed to enhance cross-divisional talent visibility and mobility, same time tapping more into internal source capabilities of the company in search for talents for various projects and roles.

Employer Branding Webinars – online events for students and young graduates (approximately 100 participants) to strengthen employer branding and increase engagement with the next generation of professionals.

Launch of Crowdsourcing – an innovative employer branding event, meant to reinvent the company’s way of approaching students and young professionals by creating an online way of interacting with and, in the same time, a method to gather Generation Z ideas about the ideal workplace. The initiative involved 20 young graduates and students, 8 internal mentors and facilitators that worked in teams on the topic: Unboxing employee experience. What are the hopes and job expectations of the new generation?

Launch of OMV Quick Pool on Corona topic – a Group initiative, part of the Listening Strategy, that aimed to increase engagement and improve organizational efficiency by continuously listening to our employees. 43% of employees submitted their answers. The results have been communicated via PowerBI to be further shared by the managers with their teams.