Training and awareness represent a fundamental chapter of OMV Petrom Compliance Management System and are crucial for preventing corruption and business ethics risks.

Our Sustainability target for 2025 is to raise Business Ethics awareness for all OMV Petrom employees through trainings and compliance communication program.

Business ethics training includes the topics of anti-corruption and anti-bribery, gifts & invitations, conflict of interests. Our trainings emphasize OMV Petrom policy of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. The available advisory channels and whistleblowing mechanisms are reiterated during the training sessions. Employees are encouraged to speak up. OMV Petrom has a clearly articulated no-retaliation policy which is also addressed during training session.

Trainings are delivered directly (face-to-face or online) to targeted category employees, based on a 3-year training cycle. The target group comprises all employees on managerial positions and is defined at the beginning of each training cycle based on the existing organization. Organizational and personnel changes during a training cycle are continuously adjusted and taken into account. Accordingly, all employees on managerial levels in OMV Petrom and its subsidiaries must undergo direct business ethics trainings every 3 years.


In 2020, direct face-to-face and virtual trainings on business ethics aspects were conducted with 337 employees in OMV Petrom and subsidiaries.


In addition to direct trainings, an e-learning application on the Code of Business Ethics topics has been put in place since the end of 2019 addressing all OMV Petrom employees.


A number of 2,442 of employees of OMV Petrom and its subsidiaries pursued the business ethics e-learning in 2020.


In addition, the compliance department delivers on demand direct trainings directed primordially to employees in the risk-most exposed areas, such as employees in procurement or sales.


Antitrust and Competition Law matters are addressed in dedicated training sessions. Topics include the rules for dealing with competitors, customers and suppliers and the appropriate conduct in markets where OMV Petrom has a market-controlling role.


The target group includes the employees who work in areas most exposed to antitrust risks, such as sales and procurement. These categories of employees must undergo the antitrust and competition law training every 3 years. The target group is defined at the beginning of the 3-year training cycle and is continuously adjusted according to the organizational and personnel changes that may intervene.


Trainings are delivered both directly and online. An e-learning application has also made available to employees of OMV Petrom Group since 2012.


In 2020, antitrust trainings were performed via the e-learning application and included a number of 90 employees.

Strategy 2025 target
► Raising Business Ethics awareness for all OMV Petrom employees through trainings and compliance communication program.
Status 2020► Direct and virtual training of more than 337 employees of OMV Petrom Group on business ethics matters.
► Attendance of business ethics e-learning by aprox. 2,500 employees of OMV Petrom Group.
► Virtual training of 90 employees of OMV Petrom Group on antitrust topics.
► Signing of conflict of interests declaration by about 500 employees representing high and middle level management, as well as staff working in risk-exposed areas.
Action plan to achieve the target► Continuing our trainings and compliance communication program in order to raise Business Ethics and compliance awareness for all employees.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported