Public Policy

OMV Petrom strives to earn stakeholders’ confidence by implementing a high standard of corporate governance, transparency, and predictability. According to the Code of Business Ethics, OMV Petrom forbids any support of political parties, including donations. Accordingly, we made no political donations in 2020.


We follow political and regulatory initiatives (both at EU and national levels) in our areas of interest, including energy, environment, climate change, trade activities, through a dedicated department of Regulatory and Corporate Public Affairs. We are fully in line with all reporting obligations at the national levels, and we are fully compliant with all transparency requirements. Due to the fact that currently, there is no lobby law in Romania, OMV Petrom does not have Lobby actions and expenditures for 2020. We collaborate and promote our position on business and regulatory related topics through public advocacy channels. (ex. through business sector confederations, energy sector federation and few professional associations where we are members). The company’s position papers are drafted and presented via professional associations and public disclosure through press statements or position papers submitted and registered with the authorities.